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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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Driver supports ASCOM 6.4, ACPCCDAP, and TheSky6/X Pro, Cartes Du Ciel.
We recommend to uninstall the previous version and then
upgrade the driver to its latest version.

Please read Software Instalation Manual before upgrade
from old driver version.

Linux system: Please read additionall informations how to connect ScopeDome USB card to Indi driver.

ScopeDome Driver ver for Dome, RollofRoof and Clamshell observatory
Note: This driver works only with new ScopeDome Arduino card
Dome, Clamshell, RollOffRoof Driver ver.
ScopeDome Arduino Card Manualdownload
ScopeDome Driver ver for dome and RollofRoof observatory
Dome and Roll-Off-Roof Driverdownload
Dome Map Manualdownload
Dome Limits Manualdownload
ScopeDome USB 2.0 Manualdownload
Wiring diagram for
ScopeDome USB card
ver. 2.0
Wiring diagram for
ScopeDome USB card
ver. 1.2
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Software instalation manualdownload
Driver Screen Shotsdownload
ScopeDome Driver ver for dome observatory
Dome Driverdownload
Dome Helpdownload
ScopeDomeUSB Card Dome Observatory Wiringdownload
Software instalation manual download
ScopeDome Driver for RollOffRoof observatory (ver. 1.0)
RollOffRoof Help download
RollOffRoof Driverdownload
Roll Off Roof wiring
ScopeDome Driver 1.0 for dome observatory (handling Velmann K8055)
Dome Helpdownload
Dome Driverdownload
ScopeDomeUSB Card Dome Observatory Wiringdownload
ScopeDome dome driver version history (2020-09-08)
  • new firmware relase ver. 5.3
  • added control for card PWM outputs
  • better logs on driwer window
  • added scripts support (batch commands, vbs scripts and driver scripts)
  • lot of new commands for controll telescope (2020-03-20)
  • corrected bug in Shutter Emergency Close procedures (repeted close command when shutter was close)
  • add ASCOM POTH telescope type
  • add ASCOM HUB telescope type (2020-03-10)
  • corrected Shutter Stop bug
  • new weather station (Weather Underground API, Boltwood Single Line log, Boltwood via date log)
  • add WindGust and Solar Radiation to weather info
  • better ACP compatibility
  • corrected Ascom Slaved property
  • ASCOM 6.4 compatibility
  • better Shutter Close on emergency inputs procedures
  • new emergency shutter close trigers and events
  • new scripts for emergency shutter close procedures
  • better support for AAG Cloud Sensor and Solo
  • ASCOM Observing Condition Hub implemented as Weather Station and Cloud Sensor
  • new Cloud Sensor driver for Tektite
  • MapPoint SlewDome bug corrected
  • Dome Inertia Calibration bug corrected
  • removed lot of small bugs from the code
  • all help file was moved the the Doc Directory
  • this is last version for old card types: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0
  • new setup procedure at first driver run
  • driver automatically detect card type on first run
  • setup automatically install tipical DomeInertia Table
  • faster card interface and communication
  • configured card status reading speed (USB Card Loop Time)
  • CW and CCW buttons beter works or disable for old card types
  • new ASCOM Commands: Internal_Sensor_Dome_At_Home, Internal_Sensor_Dome_Encoder_Counter, Internal_Sensor_Dome_Roatate_Counter
  • AAG Cloud Watcher Solo supported
  • support for ScopeDome USB Thermostates
  • we change software version numbering format for better compatible with Microsoft Dot.Net (from to 5.1.1)
  • driver is compatible with new ASCOM 6.2 platform
  • new relative GoTo and Enc GoTo function
  • driver implements ASCOM.Switch interface
  • new firmware for card ver 2.1 (firmware ver. 3.52 and 3.6 for Rotary)
  • Daily Start and Daily Finish scripts wich can be automatically run once per day
  • lost internet connection script
  • beter telescope controll by the internal scripts
  • new scripts engine
  • lot of new scripts commands
  • beter card log system
  • added 'Dome Motor Inertia Calibration' steps number in Config Window (usefull for biger dome)
  • added 'SQM Reader 2' sky quality meter support
  • presets for card and dome heating system
  • corected bug with too big CPU utilisation
  • lot of new scripting commands
  • much better communication wih FTP server
  • extended dome state option exported to your WWW server
  • corrected small bug into telescop controll system
  • supporting "LocalServer" mode under ASCOM lets you simultanoulsy control the dome and receiving data from many programs
  • ASCOM ver. 6.1 compatible
  • supporting "Cartes Du Ciel" free computerized atlas of the sky
  • improved support for Roll-Off-Roof observatories
  • built-in function of reading and saving geographical coordinates of the observatory from ASCOM and computerized atlases of the sky
  • much more stable work with telescopes
  • supporting the new weather stations: "Sentinel Weather Station", "Cumulus", "Weather Display", "EMA"
  • improved work with "Bolltwood" and "AAG" cloud sensors
  • built-in data read from "Sky Quality Meter" sensor
  • improved scripting (to learn more about it, please read "Script_Guide.pdf")
  • new examples of the scripts in DOC directory (testing, ACP, CcdAp)
  • clearer "DomeRadar" diagram
  • supporting ScopeDome USB Card v.1.0 with the old firmware
  • improved configuration program (Setup.exe) helping in the first start of the observatory and installation of the driver
  • supporting FTP server
  • displaying observatory current state on WWW site
  • controling the dome by WWW site
  • improved stability of the program by eliminating many minor bugs in its code
  • new firmware for the card ver.2.0 (firmware ver. 3.50)
  • corrected problem with telescope sync on Windows 64 bit system
  • new internal script commands: SCOPECONNECT, SCOPEDISCONNECT, SCOPEPARK
  • much more stable USB communication for the cards ver.2.0
  • soft start and stop for the dome rotatation drive motor
  • improved ASCOM support
  • full ASCOM support for domes with double shutter system
  • EncGoTo command for high precise dome position control
  • shutter GoTo Altitude function
  • emergency closing the shutter without the participation of the computer
  • automatic cold restart of the card after USB communication problems
  • CommandLine console comands, eq: scopedomedriver.exe ScopeOn
  • new dedicated setup for driver configuration
  • improved ASCOM support
  • the new panel (tab) for automatic control the dome's heating and cooling
  • dome's positioning system implementing the telescope's SideOfPier ASCOM parameter
  • emergency closing the dome in the case of internet connection loss
  • emergency closing the dome in the case of too long observation session
  • the new temperature charts for weather stations
  • implemented "Virtual Weather Station" weather stations support.
  • the new registration panel for the users
  • automatic upgrade to the new version of the driver
  • HeavyWeather PRO WS 2800 weather station support
  • add control for turn on selected relays on respons from HomeSensor signal
  • corrected dome aligment on the west side of the sky
  • new scripting system for dome control
  • corrected driver for Sky Quality Meter from Unihedron
  • new firmware for 2.0 card included (ver. 2.7)
  • works with all ScopeDome card types (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0)
  • improved dome limits action
  • works with ASCOM 6.0
  • works with TheSkyX
  • improved DomeMap function (added PierSide selector for scope position)
  • new dome rotate logics
  • add control for double shutter dome
  • observatory state graphs
  • improved cooperation with AAG Cloud Watcher
  • added driver for Sky Quality Meter
  • new card firmware included in install
  • better dome simulator function
  • New DomeMap function to synchronize the dome with the telescope
  • limiting the number of the dome's revolutions
  • limiting the angle range of the dome's rotation
  • Davis Pro weather station support
  • driver configuration is saved and stored in ASCOM Profile
  • improved cooperation with diffrent Windows language versions
  • improved cooperation with Win7
  • 64bit Windows support
  • cooperation with CCDAutoPilot4
  • corrected dome simulation function
  • corrected ASCOM Dome Connect function
  • improved dome Radar displaying
  • cooperation with the AAG Cloud Watcher
  • corrected synchronization of the dome with the telescope
  • the Pier Flip and Oposite Position function (turning the dome away against 180 degrees)
  • the telescope position is visible on the radar
  • streamlined transport with drivers of the telescope
  • improved error handling of dome automation
  • test mode: the program simulates action of the card without the controller card really connected
  • graphical Radar - shows the dome and telescope position
  • dome mechanics timeout control
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